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Congress Passes Bill to Keep Government Funded Through September

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Congress Passes Bill to Keep Government Funded Through September

May 5, 2017
On May 3, just days after passing a one-week stopgap continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown, Congress agreed to a spending package for fiscal year 2017 that will keep the federal government funded through September. The spending agreement include $1.07 trillion in funding, and does not include funding for a border wall or $18 billion in non-defense cuts outlined in President Trump's budget proposal. It does include an additional $12.5 billion for defense spending and $1.5 billion for border security. It also includes $295 million to help Puerto Rico continue making Medicaid payments and $100 million to combat the opioid crisis. Additionally, $61 million is earmarked to reimburse local law enforcement agencies for the added cost of providing protection to the President when he travels outside of Washington DC. 
Additional highlights include:

Health and Human Services (HHS) - The bill provides $73.5 billion in funding for HHS ($2.8 billion above FY2016)

Department of Labor (DOL) – The bill provides a total of $12.1 billion for DOL ($83 million below FY2016)

Employment Training Administration (ETA) – The legislation provides ETA with $9.97 billion ($90 million below FY2016) 

Administration for Community Living (ACL) – The bill funds ACL at $1.9 billion ($1.2 million above FY2016)

Department of Education (DOED) – The bill funds the Department of Education at $68 billion ($1.2 billion below FY2016); Special education IDEA grants funded at $12 billion ($90 million above FY2016)

Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) - ODEP is funded at $38.2 million 

Section 811 Housing for People with Disabilities - The bill provides $146 million ($5 million below FY2016)
A summary of major provisions for Labor, Health and Human Service, and Education Appropriations released by the House Appropriations Committee is available here.