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CMS Announces First State to Submit Draft of Dual Eligibles Demonstration

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CMS Announces First State to Submit Draft of Dual Eligibles Demonstration

December 8, 2011

In a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services dual eligibles stakeholders’ meeting on December 6, ANCOR learned that CMS was in the process of sending a notice to Massachusetts regarding its draft Demonstration Proposal for a State Demonstration to Integrate Care for Dual Eligible Individuals.

Massachusetts is the first of the 15 states that received federal funding to design strategies for implementing person-centered models that fully coordinate primary, acute, behavioral health and long-term supports and services for dual eligible individuals. The grant awards required the states to work with beneficiaries, families and other stakeholders to develop their demonstration proposals.

The Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers has been represented in meetings with the state, andADDP CEO Gary Blumenthal informed ANCOR that the association and The Arc of Massachusetts were preparing a joint alert on the proposal.

To be clear, the submission of the draft proposal by the state in no way constitutes CMS approval, which is a multi-tiered process that will take months.The state will host public hearings and must post the draft on a websiteto allow for public comment for 30 days. Once the proposal is formally submitted to CMS, the federal agency will post the document on its website and invite public comment for 30 days.

Even before CMS agrees to a memorandum of understanding and before a contract is signed between the federal and state governments, states must comply with a set of yet-to-be-finalized standards and conditions that address such things as provider capacity.

By the end of this week, Massachusetts will post the draft proposal at under “Related Information” and on Comm-PASS ( with document number 12CBEHSDUALELIGIBLEDRAFTPROPOSAL on the “Intent” tab.

CMS officials informed ANCOR that it did not expect notice for other state draft demo proposals before the end of the year, but does expect more activity starting February through the spring.