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ANCOR Capitol Correspondence

Expect today's news and updates to change by tomorrow! ANCOR Capitol Correspondence is an electronic bulletin providing the latest information on what is happening on Capitol Hill as well as in and around the Federal Government on major legislative and regulatory issues concerning people with disabilities and the private providers who serve them. ANCOR's Government Relations staff provides at least one bulletin each week when Congress is in session.

Apply Now: Openings for Advisory Committee to US Civil Rights Commission in 13 States - July 1, 2019
Fed Court Inquires on States’ Eligibility in Obamacare Lawsuit - July 1, 2019
ICYMI: Weekly Business Acumen Center Update - July 1, 2019
Webinar: Culturally Competent Care for Dual Eligible Populations – July 25 - July 1, 2019
Washington State LTSS Social Insurance Gains More National Attention - July 1, 2019
Celebrating 20 Years of the Olmstead Decision - June 24, 2019
Don’t Stop Us Now: MFP Passes House, UBIT Repeal Passes Committee - June 24, 2019
ANCOR Lends Support to Bill Asking State Dept to Promote Disability Rights Abroad - June 24, 2019
Mark Your Calendars: June 25 Hearing on Autism CARES and Lifespan Respite - June 24, 2019
July Confirmed for House Vote on $15 Minimum Wage Bill (Also Contains 14c Provisions) - June 24, 2019
Congress Opts for Short-Term Medicaid Fix for Puerto Rico Over Long Term - June 24, 2019
House Committee Leaders Criticize Admin Proposal to Change Poverty Level Formula - June 24, 2019
House Votes to Strip DOJ of Funding for Admin Lawsuit to Repeal ACA - June 24, 2019
Don't Miss! EEOC Wants 2017 & 2018 Wage Data by 9/30 for Large Companies - June 24, 2019
House FDA Budget Bill to Include Cannabis and CBD Oil Provisions; Relevant to I/DD Supports Caught Between Fed / State Regulations - June 24, 2019
ANCOR Pre-Emptively Flags to OMB Concerns on Expected CMS Medicaid Block Grants Guidance - June 24, 2019
DOL Announces $4 Million in Grants for Center to Support Youth with Disabilities with Employment - June 24, 2019
OIG Releases Alaska Group Home Critical Incidents Report - June 24, 2019
CMS Issues Informational Bulletin on Enforcing Medicaid Program Eligibility Requirements - June 24, 2019
Opportunity to Comment on Importance of ACA Protections for People with Disabilities - June 24, 2019