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Work Incentives & Employment Initiatives

ANCOR is a founding member of The Alliance for Full Participation.  In 2011 The Alliance for Full Participation (AFP) launched its new campaign - "Real Jobs - It's Everybody's Business." The AFP goal is to double the employment rate for people with disabilities by 2015. We're serious about this goal, energized by our spirit of collaboration, and dedicated to making real employment a reality for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Employment First is the preferred mode of operation promoted by the Office of Special Education.  Employment First is a philosophy that presumes a person with a disability is capable of working given the right accommodation, training and opportunities.  States adopting this philosophy receive financial incentives to promote supported employment, self-employment, customized employment, and competitive employment by providing higher rates of payment over more traditional day habilitation and custodial programs.

Additionally, many states are members of the Supported Employment Leadership Network (SELN) which actively promotes supported employment innovations in states.

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