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Supreme Court Decision on ACA Expected Thursday

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Supreme Court Decision on ACA Expected Thursday

June 26, 2012

The Supreme Court will be in session June 28—the last day of its current term—and is expected to hand down its ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at that time.

Speculation has swirled for months about various outcomes possible in the wake of the forthcoming ruling. At the heart of the issues to be decided is the individual mandate, which requires nearly all individuals to have access to health coverage, whether through private insurance, an employer-based plan or a public program such as Medicare or Medicaid.

If the Court determines that the mandate is not constitutional, it then must determine whether the rest of the act, including its expanded Medicaid eligibility provisions, may remain intact absent the mandate.

The Supreme Court maintains the SCOTUSblog, which will provide live updates on the case as information becomes available.