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The Summer of Independence is Here - Are you ready to fight for Medicaid?

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The Summer of Independence is Here - Are you ready to fight for Medicaid?

June 23, 2011

Medicaid is on the table for cuts as a way to deal with the nation’s deficit. It is critical that discussions around “entitlement reform” do not result in the cuts to or elimination of Medicaid services for the most vulnerable population in America—individuals with disabilities.

(see ANCOR Medicaid Fact Sheet for additional details)

The unsettling silence across the country and in Congress about the likelihood of Medicaid cuts MUST be broken. ANCOR members, including Direct Support Professionals, individuals with disabilities and their families must raise their collective voice to tell the public and their U.S. Representative and Senators about who these reductions affect.

Faces—especially people with disabilities that depend on Medicaid services and SSI—need to be associated with these drastic and arbitrary cuts. Their access to community living will be jeopardized.

Ask members of Congress not to cut Medicaid. Elimination of any federal Medicaid funding will only shift costs to states, beneficiaries, and providers.


Use the summer recesses to connect in members of Congress’ districts and states:
House of Representatives: June 27 - July 5 and July 18 – July 24.
Senate: July 4 - July 8


1. Invite Your U.S. Representative and Senators to Visit
(Guidelines for a Site Visit by Members of Congress)

2. Contact your Representative’s and Senators’ District offices and set up a meeting
(Tips to Prepare for a Meeting with Members of Congress)

3. Attend Town Hall or Other Meetings with Your Members of Congress
(Tips for Attending Town Hall Meetings)

4. Enable Others to Write: Set aside time at meetings, big and small, during lunchtime, or schedule a special time (coffee or desert) with your colleagues for letter writing. Bring sample letters and make an impact together! Make it easy and fun!
(Sample Medicaid Letter)

5. Prepare Op-Eds or Press Releases for your Local Newspapers
Discuss the broad issue of how long term supports and services are provided through Medicaid funding. Add a personal story to help put a face to the issue.

Need more details on how to carry out the above ideas? Click here. Do you have any questions? Do you have visits scheduled? Contact Mary Pauline Jones at or 703-535-7850 ext. 108.