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Report Highlights Voters with Disabilities as Increasingly Important Demographic

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Report Highlights Voters with Disabilities as Increasingly Important Demographic

August 17, 2016

On August 11, two professors from Rutgers University published a report titled, "Projecting the Number of Eligible Voters with Disabilities in the November 2016 Elections" (attached below). The report presents an analysis of Census Bureau data used to project the number of people with disabilities who will be eligible to vote in the upcoming election in November. Key findings of the report include that nearly one-sixth of the entire voting-eligible population is comprised of people with disabilities, and the number of eligible voters with disabilities has increased at a faster rate than among those without disabilities. Additionally, the analysis found that mobility impairment is currently the most common disability, followed by cognitive, hearing, and visual impairments. The report breaks down the data into various layers of detail, including age, gender, and ethnicity. 

Although the report conveys the increasing number of voter-eligible individuals with disabilities, it does not touch on the legal, institutional, and social barriers that often exist for citizens with disabilities when attempting to exercise their right to vote. People with disabilities historically have faced greater challenges in accessing the voting process than the general population, for reasons including lack of physical access to voting locations, lack of transportation, voter identification requirements, lack of accessible voting materials, and restrictions against support persons entering the voting area. 
ANCOR is currently developing webinars to help provide education and resources on how to ensure that individuals served and the people who support them are empowered to exercise their legal right to vote. We also have a voter resources webpage which has information and links to help navigate the voting process. Click here for our voter resources page.