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Participate in ANCOR’s MVP Campaign

September 26, 2011

Medicaid Values People Campaign

Medicaid funds make possible vital, life-sustaining supports and services to people with disabilities. Cutting these funds will have devastating effects on individuals with disabilities, their families and their local economies. This is the message we must convey to our elected representatives, to the media and the public, if we hope to save Medicaid from the indiscriminate budget axe.This is not something you can put off until later. This is not something you can hopethat others will do on your behalf. The time to act is now. This means you.

What You Should Do NOW

Send us stories that illustrate the life-sustaining benefits that Medicaid funds make possible. As an incentive, we're giving away several $150 gift cards and everyone who posts an entry will be eligible for the prize drawing. We'll use these stories to lobby lawmakers in Washington, to prepare materials for you to use in your community outreach, and we'll share them on the ANCOR website. (Click here to see instructions for posting your submission).