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National PACE Association Webinar Recording Available

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National PACE Association Webinar Recording Available

September 12, 2016
On August 24, ANCOR's Senior Director of Government Relations, Esme Grant Grewal joined the National PACE Association (NPA) in presenting a webinar titled, "PACE Pilots: A New Era for Individuals with Disabilities". The webinar discussed the Adapted PACE Protocol which was developed by national disability organizations to guide CMS as it expands the PACE program to people with disabilities under age 55. 

The PACE Innovation Act of 2015 provides the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) the authority to develop PACE pilots for new populations. In anticipation of the pilots, NPA and a number of disability community stakeholders have completed work on the Adapted PACE Protocol, which builds on the current PACE program design and adapts it to address the needs and concerns of younger people with disabilities.

The webinar addressed the potential pilot populations being served under the PACE Innovation Act of 2015, the Adapted PACE Protocol and next steps. Speakers included Peter Fitzgerald, executive vice president of Policy and Strategy at NPA; Esme Grant, of the American Network of Community Options and Resources; Laura Weidner, of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society; and Sarah Meek, of the Lutheran Services in America Disability Network.

You can view the webinar here and the accompanying slide presentation here.