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DOL Seeks Feedback from 14(c) Certificate Holders

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DOL Seeks Feedback from 14(c) Certificate Holders

October 17, 2016
On October 12, the Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD) sent a message soliciting input from current FLSA section 14(c) certificate holders in order to test a streamlined online application system. See below for the content of the message:

Why am I getting this email?

The Wage and Hour Division is seeking input from FLSA section 14(c) certificate holders as we work to develop an online application to replace our current paper-based system. Moving to a digital format will streamline the process, and make the transmission of information more convenient, efficient and secure for everyone.   

We’re looking for current section 14(c) certificate holders to participate in some testing of our prototype as we move forward. Your input early in the process will help us to identify where we can improve the product to ensure that our final version meets your needs. As an end-user of this product, we value your input and feedback was we develop this tool.

What will I be doing if I volunteer?

Participants will be asked to visit a prototype website, complete several short tasks, and answer questions about their experience and perceptions of the website. Essentially, we want to test how easy the application is to use.

When and where?

If you volunteer to participate, and you are selected, we will contact you to schedule one or more one hour sessions at times convenient for you. You must have a computer and an Internet connection to participate. Each session will be conducted online using video conferencing accessible through your office or home computer. No travel is required. 

Interested in participating?

We are looking for eight current section 14(c) certificate holders to volunteer. If you are interested, please email with the name of your organization, along with the name, email address, and phone number of the point of contact volunteering. Volunteers will be contacted if they are selected to participate.

Thank you for your time and interest. With your input, we look forward to providing you with a more streamlined application process.