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Congressional “Super Committee” Update

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Congressional “Super Committee” Update

September 2, 2011

Committee Holds Organizing Meetings This Week

The new debt law requires the panel to meet by September 16 and recommend cuts worth $1.5 trillion over 10 years by Thanksgiving. If its recommendations are not adopted, spending cuts worth $1.2 trillion over 10 years would be automatically imposed. Half of those would target defense spending, while Medicaid and Social Security) would be exempted.

Republican members met Tuesday, and Democratic members met by phone on Wednesday. The leaders of the Joint Select Deficit Reduction Committee have appointed Mark Prater, a veteran aide to Senate Finance Committee Republicans, as the new panel’s staff director.

ANCOR has learned that the committee is likely to formally begin proceedings next Wednesday or Thursday after Congress returns from its August recess.Watch for communication next week regarding ANCOR’s plans to engage you in efforts to protect Medicaid and aid Congress in its deliberations.