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Begin Preparing for October Recess

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Begin Preparing for October Recess

September 26, 2011

The House of Representatives will be in their districts October 17-21 and the Senate will be in their states October 24-28. Use this opportunity to reach out to your members about ANCOR’s Medicaid Values People Campaign (MVP Campaign). Begin reaching out to your members offices to set up meetings. Visit ANCOR’s Advocacy Toolkit if you need tips setting up meetings.

Medicaid funds make possible vital, life-sustaining supports and services to people with disabilities. Cutting these funds will have devastating effects on individuals with disabilities, their families and their local economies. This is the message we must convey to our elected representatives, to the media and the public, if we hope to save Medicaid from the indiscriminate budget axe.This is not something you can put off until later. This is not something you can hopethat others will do on your behalf. The time to act is now. This means you.