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ABLE National Resource Center Webinar on November 15

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ABLE National Resource Center Webinar on November 15

November 3, 2016

The ABLE National Resource Center, which ANCOR supports, is offering a free webinar on November 15. Details below:

ABLE Funds: Understanding the Investment Side of ABLE

Join the ABLE National Resource Center on November 15th for a new webinar. This webinar will concentrate on how potential ABLE account beneficiaries and their families can better understand the investment side of owning and maintaining an ABLE account.

Areas covered during the webinar will include:

  • Understanding the difference between a checking account, savings account, and investment account 

  • Understanding the varying degrees of “risk” associated with different investment choices that may be associated with ABLE accounts

  • Learning more about what characteristics should be taken into consideration when choosing an investment option under an ABLE program

  • Learning about why fees may vary from one investment option to another

  • Understanding how and when you are allowed to change investment options under ABLE accounts

Moderator: Michael Morris, Executive Director, National Disability Institute 


  • Chris Rodriguez, ABLE National Resource Center

  • John Nadworny, Director of Special Needs Financial Planning, Shepard Financial Advisors

  • Mark Friese, Vice President at Merrill Lynch, Menick-Friese Group

In order to prepare for the webinar we encourage you to watch these short informative videos on ABLE Basics and Becoming ABLE Ready.

Please note: Real time captioning will be provided for this webinar. For other accommodation requests, questions about the webinar, or the registration process, please contact us at